“It is in the silence and stillness of life that you give yourself the opportunity to discover more of who you are; your inner beauty which is more than this physical body. You enable yourself to discover or allow the essence of who you are to be acknowledged by you. Life is a journey of discovery; unfolding revelation if you allow each moment to be your teacher.

There will come a time when you realize that you will wish to live according to your heart, not whatever someone else wants you to do or be. You will realise that on life’s journey, EVERYTHING serves its purpose – there are no mistakes but you have to deal with the judgement you place on yourself because once you do, you free yourself to be yourself and in the process you allow yourself to discover even more of your inner beauty which is truly God given – whatever God means to you.
The greatest gift you will discover is the love of yourself. When you can look yourself in the mirror, say your name, followed by “I love you” and feel it in every cell of your body, you will have discovered the greatest gift of all – your life. And what a gift it is; the opportunity to interact with everything in the Universe which is an outer reflection of you.

Your life will teach you everything you need to learn for the next moment of your life, which is why I say: your life will unfold, but you have to be consciously aware of that moment otherwise you miss the beauty and teaching of that moment. Your life, like every life, is sacred. When you don’t take it for granted you begin to appreciate the enormity of the opportunity you have been given to experience everything life has to offer with NO judgement. What a beautiful revelation – being a Spiritual Being in a human body to experience the richness life has to offer.
By being present to what is being offered to you, you become a part of life; you belong. Let life be the gift it is – unfolding for your experience.”